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sugar 'n spikes
Mar 5, 2002
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Just published, here's the list for 2015 and my own views and comments. Please note that in the world in which we live my comments carry about as much weight as a Daily Mail editorial ;)

1. British Airways - Seems an odd choice, but I wouldnae know, I've only ever flown three times in my life and one of those flights was when my classmates threw me out of a 1st floor classroom window when I was thirteen and a half. I've not been the same since.

2. Rolex - people still buy watches? Jayzuz. I care not for watches, I'd rather buy 22 crates of draught Guinness.

3. BBC - They've been good to me in the past, haven't a clue what they're up to lately, I no watch TV or listen to radio anymore.

4. Microsoft - *censored* For these people to make an entry in this list means the maxim 'There's one born every minute' still holds true in 2015.

5. Nike - Fair dos, I have a coat made by them. I like Nike, even though I loathe trainers.

6. John Lewis - Flops aproves! Does this mean I'm a closet middle class snob? I recently bought a quilt set and a kitchen knife from them. The knives were all chained up. I had to ask a geriatric shop assistant even older than me to unlock some for inspection. I told him I wanted it for self defence and asked him which one had the sharpest point. He didn't bat an eyelid and replied 'Your choice sir'. One of the few decent shops in Oxford Street unless you're looking for a plaster of Paris London taxi, bus, post box or telephone box. Or Big Ben. Oxford Street is selling lots of those.

7. Gillette - Since being zapped with radiation I only use an electric shaver with lotion but yes, Gillette were always ok.

8. Mercedes-Benz - I had one of these, mine was 20 years old when I bought it and 25 years old when it died. Spares and servicing end up costing more over a car's lifetime than the car cost new. Only for those folk with oodles of cash or a fatalistic attitude. And a fondness for speed and luxury as well I suppose.

9. Kellogg's - Corn Flakes! I can remember cutting out cardboard revolvers from the backs of Kellogs cereal packs. The guns took a rubber band and fired cardboard bullets. No longer politically correct I'm afraid.

10. Apple - *censored* Only for those who favour style over substance, think short term product life is a good idea and somehow consider themselves different. And the 'Superior graphics software' argument no longer holds substance. Must admit to being curious though, cos I've never used one.

11. LEGO - Yay! Lego is great :) And I like their computer games too. Yes.

12. Andrex - WTF? Who would vote a karzi roll into a survey such as this? And it's not nice to wipe your bum with a Labrador puppy, That's just plain bad.

13. Boots - Boots? Oh, ok, so-so, fine if you want some cream for your hemorrhoids or a watercress sandwich.

14. Dyson - Again - one born every minute. Dyson don't make vacum cleaners but they do make passable models for an exhibtion celebrating the 'Alien' series of films at the Science Museum. people think they're good, another example of style over substance. At Eltham - near to me - there is a domestic appliance repair shop. The entrance to the shop always has wall to wall Dysons waiting for repair. The guy who owns the shop is scathing of Dysons. And he owns a lambretta LI150 so he can't be all bad.

15. Coca-Cola. It'll rot your teeth, give you spots if you're aged 15 and might make you fat. But it tastes great and is good with Jack Daniels, brandy or even on it's own. And better than Pepsi.

16. Fairy - Who you calling a Fairy John? Oh, that fairy. Sings: 'Now hands that do dishes can be soft as yer bum, with Mild....' You know the rest (probably). Washing up liquid makes a consumer survey? This is the UK, people.

17. BMW - the 2002's were great. They sell them on Park lane, whole fleets to Gentlemen from Saudi and Egypt. BMW - Bob Marley and the Wailers.

18. Google - it sometimes helps but they have this odd ambition to conquer the world.

19. Haagen-Dazs - Yum yum, ice cream with huge chunks of stuff in it purporting to be 'cookies' or marshmallow or prawns. Ok, I made that last one up.

20. Virgin Atlantic - see comment for number one in list. Tip: Do not buy a space flight ticket, buy a Mercedes Benz and ten year's servicing and repairs instead.




I'm not weird, I'm a limited edition.
Mar 5, 2002
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we should conduct our own list ... I'm sure it would be a BBC front page news item. :)


Crunchy Cat
Jun 1, 2006
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we should conduct our own list ...

If I was going to nominate a gadget, it would probably be our Fissler tin opener purchased last summer.

Yeah I know, a tin-opener sounds a bit of alame choice, but some function pretty poorly after just a few uses. We became so fed-up with constantly buying openers that would refuse to work on certain cans. (Our cats like tuna, but some openers would always fail on tuna cans for some reason.)

The Fissler design is very different from other hand-held openers, so on seeing it for the first time, the immediate thought is: nah... it's not going to work! But it does. Every time!

It cuts laterally, leaving the lid in place (it doesn't fall into the can, or stick to the opener) and, all the edges (lid and base) are left rounded-off. (The lid could actually be replaced quite securely on the can, if one really wanted to do that.)

Best buy of the year. :thumb:


Member Extraordinaire
Dec 31, 2004
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Loving your take on the consumer fav's Mr Flopps..:D

And Taffycat that tin opener sounds like a ripoff of my Kuhn Rikon that I have had for the last 7 years and baffles everyone thats ever come into contact with it :p


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