The operation failed. | General mail failure. - sending mail in Of


Ben in CA

Hello Everyone,

On a few users’ computers, they are unable to send email as an attachment
from Excel.

When these users try to send an Excel spreadsheet as an attachment from
within Excel, (File > Send to > Mail Recipient (as attachment) ) , they get
the following error:

The operation failed. (press OK) | General mail failure. Quit Microsoft
Office Excel, restart the mail system, and try again. (press OK)

However, I’ve found this only occurs if Outlook.exe is already running. If I
start the computer, open an Excel document, and send it, it works the first
time. (But then I have to open Task Manager and end Outlook.exe before it
will work again – and since Outlook is normally running – it’s annoying to
have to close it.)

Also, it seems to always work to send the Excel document “inline†an email.
(File > Send to > Mail Recipient). (But this isn’t what most people want to

It also works to attach the file to a new email, but the users find that
more time consuming – when it used to work this way.

They're using Outlook 2003 and Excel 2003 - although I had the same problem
running Excel 2000.

I've tried a “detect and repair†of Outlook, a reinstall of Outlook, and
doing a clean install of Office.

Per MS KB 834008, I’ve checked the registry settings – they seem OK.
Also seemed to have some temporary luck running FIXMAPI on one user, but not
the other – and it only lasted until a restart. According to one “solutionâ€,
I tried registering a DLL file – didn’t seem to make a difference. (regsvr32

To answer possible questions regarding this post - Outlook was not installed
by the Exchange System Management tool, this issue occurs on a number of
clients – in one case with a fresh install of Office 2003.

Any solutions or suggestions would be much appreciated!





Ben in CA

This problem apears to be related to Skype.

If Outlook extensions in the registry are disabled, and Skype is
uninstalled, and the computer restarted, then it works normally.

Just figured I'd leave the cause for people.

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