Sound/video, display issues in reinstall



I recently reinstalled over a failed original install.
This is a custom desktop.

Need to reinstall drivers for sound, video and graphics.

Data saved before shows:
Realtek AC'97 Audio
Description : Realtek AC'97 Audio
Company : Realtek Semiconductor Corp.
Version :
Date : 2-27-2004
File Name : oem0.inf

Audio Codecs
Description : Audio Codecs
Company : Microsoft
Version : 5.0.2184.1
Date : 11-18-1999
File Name : wave.inf

Legacy Audio Drivers
Description : Legacy Audio Drivers
Company : Microsoft
Version : 5.0.2184.1
Date : 11-18-1999
File Name : wave.inf

Display adapters
Description : RADEON 9250
Company : ATI Technologies Inc.
Version :
Date : 8-3-2005
File Name : oem3.inf

DirectX Music
[ Realtek AC97 Audio ]
DirectMusic Device Properties:
Device Description Realtek AC97 Audio
Synthesizer Type Software
Device Class Output Port
Device Type WDM Multimedia

I had previously saved drivers in original install. In the RADEON 9250
driver folder, oem3.inf, tried install, hard drive light flashed, waited,
rebooted, still no sound icon.

I tried using the Saffire ATI install CD, but find it will install Net 1.1,
now I know where Net 1.1 came from in my original install. I now avoid Net,
so therefore can't use the ATI install CD.

I don't use fancy audio, just play a few music files. Regarding graphics, I
only need to adjust the refresh rate and color density of the display.

So I want to install W2K default audio/video/graphics drivers.

Tried several times to do this, no luck.




Andy said:
User Windows Explorer to find the folder on the Saffire CD that
contains only the graphics driver. Install from that folder.
Thanks, Andy

Can't find anything on the CD that indicates the ATI Radeon 9250 driver I
need. It's there, of course if I install Net also.
Went online, several sites go to the ATI site, to download the driver I
have to reset config files on my Firefox browser, just to get one file from
one site. Finding driver files and being able to download them is always a
miserable task. I will keep searching.
Realtek AC97 drivers
Yes, yesterday I did find a download for that driver, it works and now have
sound again.


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