Sound in PowerPoint Presentaions



I created a powerpoint presentation and used a sound from Microsoft Ckip
Organizer, I've saved it as a show and when I play it on my computer I can
hear the sound, but when I email the presentation for some reason the
recipient can not hear the sound? How can I save this presentation so that
when I email it the recipients can hear the sound? Please help this is for
an office Halloween PotLuck Thank you in advance!

Nick Rouse

Hi Lizet,
Normally to get the sound to work, the person you are sending this
to would need to have both the presentation and the sound file you are
inserting for the other person to hear the sound. If that person does
not have the sound clip in his/her Microsoft Clip organizer, then that
person will not be able to hear the sound.

To save the sound clip, click on the drop-down arrow to the right of
the sound, and click copy. Open My Computer on your desktop and then
proceed to paste the sound file into the same folder or location where
the presentation is stored. This does work.

Thank you much.

Nick Rouse
Microsoft Master Instructor

Nick Rouse

I should add one more thing...After you have saved the two files, you
will need to attach them both to the e-mail. The recipient should be
able to hear the sound.

Nick Rouse
Microsoft Master Instructor

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