Sound files in Powerpoint 2007



I inserted compatible sound file in powerpoint 2007 to be played when
clicked. I run the presentation, then I clicked on the sound icon, IT DOESN'T
PLAY at all.
I tried to play the sound file even without running the presentation; still
I hear nothing.
Would you please guide me of any special setting to be done to play the
sound file? Thanks.
PS. Please feel free to e-mail me the answer on (e-mail address removed). Thanks.

Bill Dilworth

Emails defeat the purpose of a newsgroup. We'll be happy to help, but it
will be in the newsgroup.

First thing I would check is if there is a problem with your computer's
sound settings:
Do any sounds play?
What is the volume set to on the various sound card inputs?

Then I would check for the length of the path to the sound file.
Does it play if you move the entire presentation to the C:\ root

Let us know about these, and we'll go from there.

Bill Dilworth
A proud member of the Microsoft PPT MVP Team
Users helping fellow users.
vestprog2@ Please read the PowerPoint FAQ pages.
yahoo. They answer most of our questions.


Thanks Bill,
Sound is set to intermediate level in all. I ahve no problem with sound
files and sound it self in my computer.
I have the sound file in the same folder where I have the presentation. I
transferred the folder to C; same problem persist.
Any suggestions? Thanks.

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