Can't hear .wav sound in Powerpoint



I'm currently running Vista Business 2007 and Microsoft Powerpoint 2007.

I have inserted a .wav file into the powerpoint presentation, however, when
I click on the sound icon to preview it, you can tell it is playing (due to
the custom annimation task pane on the right) but no sound can be heard. I've
verified that my speakers work as the same clip can be played in Windows
Media Player and can be heard. I've checked the sound levels for Powepoint,
all are on high. I've made sure that the file size has been changed to 50000.
Still no sound. I can get it to work on another computer with the same set
up. Not sure why this one isn't working. Any ideas?


Move the presentation AND audio files to a common folder with a short path
(Example C:\Test) and reinsert the audio file. Did that solve it?

Austin Myers
AT&W Technologies

Creators PowerPoint Add-Ins

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