Problems playing midi files in powerpoint



I have downloaded MIDI files from the Microsoft Gallery Online via 'Insert
Sound from Clip Organizer' on PowerPoint 2003, and inserted them into the
presentation, but they do not play! WAV files are playing, but MIDI are not.
Any suggestions please?

John Wilson

Midi files are always linked while small wav files are ususlly embedded. This
could be the problem if the path to the midi is long. Do you know where the
midi file is on your computer?

I would look in My Documents\My Picture\ Microsoft Clip Organizer first.

If it's there try moving it to a folder less deeply buried and in PowerPoint
delete the original and re insert the sound. See if that works
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Echo S

Do the MIDIs not play on your computer, or do they not play when you move
the presentation to another computer?

MIDI files are always linked -- so it could be a path length issue. I'd save
the MIDI to a folder on your C drive (like C:\test or something) and use
Insert | Movies and Sounds | Sound from File instead of inserting it via the
clip gallery.

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