RRAS Won't start (error 7024 & 20103)


Martyn Alner

My customer has an SBS2000 Server which yesterday had
RRAS running perfectly. He has done a windows update
today and after rebooting RRAS fails with the following:-

Event ID: 7024

The Routing and Remote Access service terminated with
service-specific error 2.

Event ID: 20103

Unable to load D:\WINNT\System32\iprtrmgr.dll.

Now, I've looked on the KB and then only thing I can find
is article 299013, which I have followed and all is
correct. The registry keys are there and the iprtrmgr.dll
file is in the correct place (WINNT\System32).

This also talks about removing IP and reinstalling it
which I'm not keen on doing, only as a last resort as it
is an SBS box and I don't know what sort of chaos that
will cause.

Any ideas gratefully received

Martyn Alner
Phoenix IT Ltd (UK)

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