RDP Printer maping



I have a number of users that, when they remote logon to our terminal
servers, the clients local printer does not get created. I have connected to
these machines via remote assistance and all my local printers are created on
the users computer. Then when i connect to the terminal server, my printers
that have been locally created also get created in the TS session but the
users client printer does not! I have tried reinstalling the printers,
checking drivers are the same on the client and the server but to no avail.
has anyone any ideas??




There are two places to check first - The users profile
and the servers setup.
Since your printers are mapping on the terminal server we
can assume its setup to connect printers.

Check the clients profile in ADUC. On the Environment tab
they will need the "Connect client printers at logon"
option checked.
If their printer is USB attached, the printers will NOT be
added or if its a MFP (copier/fax/printer etc) it will
most likely fail as well.

I went with a 3rd party printer setup (Simplify Printing
client from triCerat)for my Win2K TS servers. It was
spendy, but worth it for my environment.

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