Printing from RDP clients


Jeff Mackeny

We have a number of RDP dummy terminals in our organization, it seems that
if one user changes the default printer in the session it effects all RDP
clients even its a different username. Basically I want to know precisely
how this works.

When a PC makes a RDP connection it will autocreate and map either all
local printers or just the default printer depending on the client or RDP
setting, the autocreated printer is called something like 'HP LaserJet 4
(from machine name) in session 1'. How is the procedure when users connect
from a RDP dummy terminal within the organization, does it take the
currently installed printers on the server and duplicates it as a session
printer, and again what if a RDP user changes the default printer should it
effect everybody, shouldn't it keep the printer setting within the users


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