printer mapping settings in terminal service configuration


shiva kumar

Hi, I want to disable the client printer mapping in
Terminal Service RDP-TCP configuration. I want to
implement this domain wide using a script. I have
identified the registry keys with which the settings are
disabled. But the problem here is, If I just change the
regkeys, and tried connecting through RDP, still I see the
client printers are getting mapped. When I check the RDP
configuration(after changing the regkeys) it effected the
changes but it is not really reflected in RDP session. If
I reboot the server, then it effects in RDP session
(disabling client printer mapping).

When I manually change the RDP configuration in RDP-TCP
configuration, and if I connect through RDP, it effects
the changes immediately. Here, other than regkeys changing
what RDP configuration changes are made? Other than
changing the regkeys, anything else I have to do to get
the new settings effected with out rebooting the server?

Shiva Kumar


Here are the keys which I want to push to all the servers
using the script. Once I import these keys, If I go to RDP
Configuration in terminal server, I see the printer
mapping is disabled and user setings also disabled But
witout rebooting the server, If i connect to terminal
server using RDP, still my client printers are shown. Once
I restart, it works fine. Other than these keys, any extra
keys/files needs to be added to the machine?


Shiva Kumar

Matthew Harris [MVP]

The reason you don't see a change is because the system
has to create a new type of rdp listener in order to
implement the changes you just made. When you click the
OK button on the terminal services configuration you are
causing this to happen. There is more to this than just
the registry changes.


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