Terminal service security on client


Nick Trenary

I am very wet behind the ears on Terminal Services so bear with me. I am
looking at using thin clients for internet stations at our library, about
10-12 total. I have a thin client and TS installed on a 2k server for
testing purposes. My question is about exiting an rdp session. How can I
secure the thin client so that a use doesn't exit session? A user could
then potentially open rdp again and change the settings. Am I overlooking


Vera Noest [MVP]

Most thin clients allow you to password protect the rdp settings. You
preconfigure the default rdp settings in the setup menu and users can
only start it, not modify it. How this is done exactly depends on the
manufacturer. Check their website for instructions.


You can also, through group policy, remove the LOG OFF button from the start
menu of their Terminal Server profile

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