Newbie to TS needs help in setting up thin clients


Nate Harel

Hi all,

New to TS and thin clients.

I need to set up 10 stations for a school that is running Win2003 Server
Terminal Services. We are considering getting some refurbished (budget
cuts!) Wyse thin client machines like the 2315 (which are discontinued but
are very cheap), but I have never done that before and don't know how to do
set them up. In searching the web, I have not seen any documentation that
shows how to set up and use a thin client machine.

Do I need to install anything on the server other than Terminal Services?
Does the thin client need to be configured in any special way to boot to the
TS? I got one Wyse 2315 but can't figure out how to make it talk to the TS.
It keeps cycling through the attempting to logon and I can't stop it to find
configuration options.




The thin client is probably pre-configured to logon to a specific terminal
server, so you'll need to reset it to its' factory settings which will walk
you thru the configuration, where you'll need to enter the IP Address or DNS
Name of the Terminal Server.

You can find documentation on Wyse's site on how to do the factory reset,
usually you turn-on the machine and hold down a specific key, i.e. the G key.

As for the server setup, a terminal server is setup like a workstation,
where users run whatever applications are installed on the server.

How tos are here:

Good books here: (I prefer Brian Madden's books)

Patrick Rouse
Microsoft MVP - Terminal Server

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