RDP client on Wyse terminal session



My company is running Citrix on a 2000 server with Wyse
terminal clients. We use the built in ICA client or RDP
client, depending on what we are connecting to, and have
no problems whatsoever with that. Our problem occurs when
we connect to one of our client's networks using RDP from
within a terminal session. We have shortcuts saved on our
Citrix desktop to access all of our client's servers. If
we use the old-style Terminal Services client from 2000,
no problems whatsoever. If we use the new Remote Desktop
client, the shift key is sticky. What I mean by that is
if I hit the Shift key, it holds down for 2 letters. When
I type a password, it looks like PAssword, instead of
Password. If I wait an extra second after typing the
first letter, no problems. This problem only occurs in
the new RDP client. Has anyone else experienced this, and
if so what did you do about it? We make our clients use
pretty good passwords, and when I am typing something like
P@s5w0Rd, it takes me about 20 seconds to make sure I
don't screw it up. Most of our clients use custom TS
ports, so setting up old TS client connections for all of
them is a real pain.

Matthew Harris [MVP]

What build of the RDP client are you running on the Wyse
boxes? Also, what system firmware are you running on
those boxes?


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