Disabling encryption and compression on client RDP connection




We have WAN appliances in our organisation that require compression and
encryption to be disabled on the client RPD session.

We have been ablt to do it on Terminal Server but we are having problems on
client PC that connect to virtual desktops.

I know if you edit the local PC defualt.rdp with notepad, that you can
change the settings to on or off, but it doesn't seem to do anything. We
have tested Terminal Server and can see the WAN appliance optimise the RDP
session. When we connect to a VDI session it doesn't have any WAN
optimisation even though we have edited the local default.rdp. We use VMWare
and have WYSE thin clients termials that connect to Virtual XP desktops.

Any help would be much appreciate as we can't use the VDI with RDP currently
as the WAN appliances aren't optimising the RDP protocol which is slowing
users down.



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