RDP local printers not recognized



Printing in RDP I have problems with printers like HP laserjet 1300,
Laserjet 3380 whether on an LPT port or a DOT4 port. I do not have
the problem with the more standard printers like the Laserjet 4P,
Laserjet 5 etc, they all work fine.

It appears the driver is not campatable with the hardware and as such
RDP will not forward the driver.

I am aware DOT4 and USB ports over RDP will not forward the port
without the regedit patch which I do have installed.

My friend is using a Dell multi-func printer with the same problem.

All computers are running XP.

The laserjet 3380 was working XP to XP, then stopped working when I
upgraded the far end to Vista. Thus XP to Vista not working. I even
tried RDP ver6.0 with no change.

Why are these printers such a problem over RDP. I have read that
others are experiencing similiar problems.

Some say the drivers have to be installed at both ends. I can't see
how a driver installed on the XP Pro desktop at the far end will make
a difference. When someone says to install the driver are they
refering to control panel --> printers --> and just setting up the
printer there?

Anyways, how do I need to proceed.

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