TCP/IP Printing from Client Computer



The terminal server is Windows 2000 and it is at a remote location. I do not
have access to the terminal server.
I am using remote desktop (Windows XP sevice pack 2) on the client computer
to connect to the terminal server. The client computer does not have a
printer attached to it, but does is connected via a local network to a HP
4050N printer that has a static TCP / IP (address). The client computer
prints without problem to the printer when not using terminal services, but I
don't seem to be able to get the client computer to print to the TCP/IP
printer when connected to the terminal server via remote desktop.
Any solutions? Thanks.


Hi, did you follow the advice that Vera gave you? What did you find

I think you need to add a registry value on the client. You can use
the attached .reg file on the client to make the change. This change
is per-user, so it must be done for any user that logs on to the
workstation that will also use the Remote Desktop Client.




Hi TP,

I've already tried changing the registry as you suggested, and it did
not seem to have any effect. I'll try it again in case I did something wrong.

I also tried mapping the TCP/IP printer to LPT1 on the client computer
(using the "net use lpt1 \\servername\printername /persistent:yes" command.
After this mapping, when I print a test page from the client computer it
works fine, but again nothing prints when the client is connected to the
terminal server.

Finally, I understood from Vera that using RDP 5.1 is fine and that
downloading RDP 5.2 would not help me solve this problem. Her other
suggestions involved changes on the Terminal Server itself, but this is
offsite at another organization and I do not have any privileges on this
machine other than being a client.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

Vera Noest [MVP]

Have you checked with the Administrator of the TS that printer
redirection is enabled at all?
When you start a connection to the terminal server and check your
available printers, is it there at all?
If printer redirection is enabled on the server, but your printer
is not redirected, then the server has no driver for it. The normal
solution would be to map the printer to a native driver, as I wrote
in my first reply, but since you are just a user of the TS, you
can't do that.

Two options:
1) contact the administrator of the Terminal Server, explain the
problem and ask them to map your printer to a native driver.
2) If the administrator doesn't want to do 1), ask him or her for
the nearest compatible driver that *is* supported on the server.
Let's say the Administrator suggests using a HP LaserJet 4.
Then you can install the printer a second time on your workstation,
using the recommend driver (pretend that it is a HP LJ4). Call this
printer something like "TSprinter".
Now when you connect to the TS, the printer should be redirected as
a HP LaserJet 4 printer, which should give you at least basic
Vera Noest
MCSE, CCEA, Microsoft MVP - Terminal Server
___ please respond in newsgroup, NOT by private email ___



Thanks. I'll see what I can do contacting the TS Administrator. When
I connect to the terminal server, the printer is not listed under printers.



I finally got it to work thanks to your suggestion. I mapped the TCP/IP
printer to LPT1 and I used a driver for an HP 6L printer instead of the HP
4050N driver. I'm not sure what functionality I'll lose if any using an
incorrect driver, so I will speak to the TS administrator. Thanks again.

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