Printer Redirection not happening



I have a client with a Windows 2000 Terminal Server that is working fine
except that he cannot print to a printer attached to his Windows XP RDP
client. When I connect (also from a WinXP RDP client) the printers are
created normally and work fine. I have installed the drivers for the printer
on the server itself. I've checked the event logs and there is no evidence
of the system even attempting to create the redirected printers when this
client connects.

Additional notes:
* The properties of the Remote Desktop Connection on the client is set to
create the client printers when logged on.
* The Environment settings on the user object properties in AD are set to
connect client drives and printers (and default to main client printer).
* The Client Settings tab of the connection properties in the Terminal
Services Configuration tool is set to use connection settings from user

I've run out of ideas to try here. Does anyone have any suggestions?


I guess I should probably mention that the printer involved is an HP LaserJet
1320 using the PCL6 driver.


The name of the printer must match exactly in both the client's printer
driver and the server's printer driver. If the name of the printer on
the server is "HP LaserJet 1320 PCL6" and the name of the printer on
the client is "HP LaserJet 1320 PCL 6," Terminal Server won't map the

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