Manual Printer redirection


Natura Siero

I have a Win2K SP4 TS with Win2K clients connecting via Internet.

The automatic redirection of client printers implies that each time the
clients log in, the redirected-printer name is different... and I need fix
names for client printers, because of software needs.
So, I install in the server one printer (with a particular name) for each
client, and after that I manually redirect them to the redirected ports
(when the client is connected).

The problem is that the information of the ports I remap manually (logged as
Administrator) are lose after the clients log off.

Is there any way to fix the TSxxx for each client, or so?

Thanks a lot,

Fran Varona

Matthew Harris [MVP]

There was a script running around this newsgroup a while
ago that would automatically map the client printer to the
lpt port. Search around in the archives of this newsgroup
for more info. Try using google groups.


Jim Browne

I have the same requires static printer
name. Has anyone found this script that automatically maps
the client printer to the lpt port?


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