redirected printers disconnect from terminal server



We have WAN with Windows 2000 Server SP4 with terminal services installed.
Our clients have Windows 2000 Professional SP4 and Windows XP Professional
SP2. The client computers have matrix printers OKI ML3320 connected to LPT1
port. These printers are are shared as ML3320. When client computers login to
terminal server, the login script start the following commnad:
net use lpt1: \\computer\ml3320
After that users can print from DOS program on terminal server to LPT1 which
is redirected to the local printer. But these printer redirection to LPT1
often disconnected. Users have to logout from terminal server and login again
to restore printer mappings. I think that this problem is described on this
But from where I can download this patch ?

Vera Noest [MVP]

As the KB article tells you, this hotfix is not available for general
download. You will have to phone Microsoft Support.

Vera Noest
MCSE, CCEA, Microsoft MVP - Terminal Server
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