DOS printing through Terminal server



I'm using Terminal Server on 2 Windows 2000 server
machines. Our clients connect to Terminal server via a VPN
and need to print from DOS programs to they're local
printers. Essentially , the client needs to map lpt1 on
they're terminal server session. Since the clients local
printer must be shared in order for terminal server to
create a print session they cannot map LPT1.

Please help!

Cláudio Rodrigues

Use this script. Save it as PrintDOS.KIX and get KIX32 from
Then change USRLOGON.CMD on the TS to call this script.

; Get the default printer name and share/map it for DOS apps.
; By Cláudio Rodrigues, http://www.Terminal-Services.NET
; Example String: HP LaserJet 4Si/CLAUDIOXP/Session 1,winspool,TS002

;Reads the default printer from the registry.
$DefaultPrinter = ReadValue("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows

;Extracts the printer name on the TS. Example: HP LaserJet
4Si/CLAUDIOXP/Session 1
$WhereisComma = InStr("$DefaultPrinter",",") - 1
$TSPrinterName = Left("$DefaultPrinter","$WhereisComma")

;Extracts the machine name/Session ID. Example: CLAUDIOXP/Session 1
$WhereisSlash = InStr("$TSPrinterName","/") - 1
$MachineAndSSID = Left("$DefaultPrinter","$WhereisSlash")

;Extracts the Session ID only from the string above. Example: 1
$PosTemp = InStr("$TSPrinterName","/")
$EndTemp = Len("$TSPrinterName") - $PosTemp
$TempStr = Right("$TSPrinterName","$EndTemp")
$PosTemp = InStr("$TempStr","/")
$EndTemp = Len("$TempStr") - $PosTemp
$TempStr = Right("$TempStr","$EndTemp")
$Pos2 = InStr("$TempStr"," ")
$End3 = Len("$TempStr") - $Pos2
$SSID = Right("$TempStr","$End3")

$ShareName = "TSPrinter" + $SSID
$TSPrinterName = chr(34) + $TSPrinterName + chr(34)

If Len($LocalPrinter) <> 0
$TSPrinterName = chr(34) + $LocalPrinter + $MachineAndSSID + chr(34)

;Shares the printer.
Shell 'rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /Xs /n $TSPrinterName sharename
$Sharename attributes +Shared'
$PrinterOnTS = "\\\" + $ShareName
USE LPT1: $PrinterOnTS

Users MUST be power users though thanks to the way MS implemented a couple
things regarding printing on Windows 2000.

Cláudio Rodrigues, MVP
Windows 2000/NT Server
Terminal Services


-> The only Terminal Services Client for DOS.
-> The only customized RDP5.1 client with the close button disabled! :)
-> Developers of SecureRDP, the BEST security utility for TS!

Do NOT email me directly UNLESS YOU KNOW ME or you are a Microsoft
Use my support page on my website to submit your questions directly.



Thank you for you prompt response. However I am getting an
error when I run this script with Kix32:

'Printer rundll command failed.
'Command" /Xs /n "" sharename
'TSPrinter attributes + shared. Operation could not be

Please help!


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