terminal service printing



Clients connect to a Windows 2000 terminal server using
Remote Desktop Connection. In the advanced option, there
is a 'Local Resources' tab. Check marked are 'Printers'.
This creates a session with capability to print
applications on the terminal server to their local printer.

Another client decided to print a document, but chose some
other session printer and the print was successful.

My question is: Is there a configuration, so that certain
sessioned printers can be used by certain users?

Any help would be appreciated.




Vera Noest [MVP]

Yes, there is. By default, users see *only* the printers that are
autocreated in their own session. If your users see all other
printers and can choose them at will, they are probably members of
the Power Users group (or worse, Administrators).

If that's the case, the printer problem is the least of your
problems, and the only solution is to take away their elevated

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