Redirecting to Local Desktop from Terminal Server



I have a windows 2000 terminal server, and I have some clients already using
the system to log in and use applications on the server. However, I would
also like one user to log on directly to her windows xp desktop using remote
desktop connection. We're behind a NAT, and I have the correct ports open,
but how do I tell terminal services to redirect her login or connection to
her computer name or internal IP address, without disabling the other
functioning of my terminal server? Is there a way to accomplish that?



Vera Noest [MVP]

I see 2 possibilities:

a. the user connects first to the existing Terminal Server, and
then starts an rdp session from the TS to her workststation.
Running rdp over rdp. This will work, but performance (screen
redraws) will not be good.

b. you configure the users workststation to listen for remote
desktop connections on another port than 3389, lets say 3390. Then
open port 3390 in your firewall and point it to the workstation.
user can connect directly to her workstation, doesn't have to go
through the TS first.

187623 - How to Change Terminal Server's Listening Port

304304 - Configuring the Remote Desktop Client to Connect to a
Specific Port

Vera Noest
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