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We changed our administrator password yesterday and rebooted all of our
servers. We have a W2K Server that is our domain controller and Windows
Terminal Server License Server. We also have three (2) Windows 2003 Servers
running terminal services. I can connect to one of the 2003 servers (our
database server), but I cannot connect to our other two 2003 servers (our two
Terminal Servers) via remote desktop connections. I receive the message -
The remote session was disconnected because there are no Terminal Server
License Servers available to provide a license. I'm trying to connect from
another 2003 server or a XP machine.

The weird part about it is we were able to login this morning but after
8:20 we began receiving the message. The event log (System Log) has a
message stating - "The Terminal Services License Server has no license pack
registered for product "Windows 2000 Terminal Services Client Access
License." Use Terminal Services Licensing Administrative tool to register
the licenses pack.

I didn't think we needed any Terminal Services CALs because we were
accessing Terminal Services from W2K and XP machines only.

Any suggestions?

Vera Noest [MVP]

Let me see if I understand you correctly:

* you have a W2K Domain Controller that also runs TS Licensing
* you have a number of 2003 Terminal Servers.

If that is correct, then you must install and activate a 2003 TS
Licensing Server on one of your 2003 servers. And you must buy and
install 2003 TS CALs on it.

All clients need a TS CAL when they connect to a 2003 Terminal
Server. XP Pro clients get a free TS CAL only when they connect to
a W2K TS. A W2K TS Licensing Server cannot handle 2003 TS CALs,
because it doesn't understand the new type of TS CALs that were
introduced in 2003 (Per User TS CALs).

Windows Server 2003 Pricing and Licensing FAQ

The password change has probably nothing to do with your problem,
but I would check all EventLogs anyway. If you see any Events
about services not being started, it is possible that they are
configured to run under the Administrators account, and then the
services can't start if you don't change the password in the
Services properties as well.

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