COM1 Redirection Through Terminal Services


Dan Neuwirth

I'm helping out a medical office with a unique need.
There is a Windows 2000 server running, and all clients
are connected using Terminal Services, running an
application on the (Terminal) desktop.

One workstation has some specialized medical equipment
attached to the local COM1: serial port. The application
that needs to access this device is on the server
within the Terminal window).

How do I get COM1 on the server to redirect to COM1 on
workstation? Please note: this is not a printer device,
so I can't just "share" it as a printer. I need COM1 on
the server itself to "map" to COM1 on the workstation.

I have already gone into RDP configuration and "enabled"
(actually, removed the "disable" checkmark) COM Port
redirection, but this seems more related to
serial "printer" devices than ports itself.

Any ideas?
-Dan Neuwirth

Vera Noest [MVP]

Redirection of COM ports is not supported in W2K TS. You will need
to upgrade to Windows 2003 TS, or use an add-on product like


After scouring and searching this is as close to "documentation" on this that
I've found. However, when I run this command on the terminal server (Windows
2003 Server) I get an error.

Client "tsclient" is connecting to the terminal server from computer
"xyz"(running XP Pro). I've enabled serial port redirection in the Remote
Desktop Protocol session. I run the net use command and get an error as

net use com1: \\tsclient\com1:

System error 85 has occurred.

The local device name is already in use.


Of course, I've tried a myriad of other combos to no avail. Any assistance
is much appreciated.

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