Can't connect to com1



I'm trying to connect my XP PC to a switch through the serial port,
using SecureCRT.

On PC A I've got SecureCRT 5.5.0
It connects just fine

On PC B (the one I would rather use) I've got SecureCRT 6.1.0 (I woudl
rather not downgrade versions)
I've set it up the same way as the other one (Protocol: Serial,
settings: 9600, 8, none, 1)
When I try to connect I get-
Connection to session Serial-Com1 failed, Unable to open seial port
Com1, Access is denied.

On version 6.1.0 there is an extra part (not found in the older
version) under Properties labled SSH2, that shows Port:22, Firewall:

I've looked under device manager and looked at the com1 port, says
everything is fine. Is there something else I need to do to open this

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