Windows deleting print jobs in the print spooler



I have a Generic Text Only print driver for a printer that connects to a PC
via a Serial port [Com1].

I set the Com1 settings to have the baud rate of 9600, Data bits is 8,
Parity is None, Stop bits is 1, Flow Control is Xon/Xoff, with the Transmit
and Receive Buffer to the lowest setting.

When I send fairly large number of small print jobs to the printer [such as
14 print jobs], the print queue would go through them without any problems.
However, occasionally, a few jobs will automatically go from 'Sending' status
to 'Deleting'. Windows appears to be automatically deleting some of my print
jobs automatically.

Does anyone have any suggestions on why this is happening, and what I can do
to resolve this issue?


-William Tung


You can try not spooling the jobs as an experiment to see if that has any
For whatever reasons, I've not had decent luck with serial printers and
windows over the years.
There is a remote possibility that one of the better USB to serial adapters
might help, or conversely introduce new problems.
Back in the dark ages (win 3.11) there was a timeout setting that could be
changed. I've lost track of what might be the current equivalent, if any.
(An Obscure registry entry and value is likely)

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