printer port redirection problems


Stephane Gagnon

I have a TS server 2000 and 3 remote office that connect through it, 4 TS
users total. One client is giving me difficulty with her printer. First, it
wouldn't connect like the others (<clients or server printer>/<client host
name>/Session <session #>). I managed to connect it manually and redirect it
to her TSxxx PRN0 port, and get it to work that way. The printer would still
look like it's local, but it worked. But often, I had to connect to the TS
server, and reassign the right TSxxx PRN port, or get the printer online (it
would go offline by itself). Now, it seems like it's connecting just fine,
but often, it will set on TSxxx PRN1 instead of PRN0. Whenever it does that,
it won't print. She have to go and manually set it to PRN0. It's not a major
issue when I'm around, but I have other obligations and am not always
available to get her to print back, plus she's going on vacation next week
and her replacement doesn't know all that stuff.

Her station is a Win2k station, up-to-date. The printer is an HP Laserjet
1200, connected by a share (\\secretgs\hp I think) on a Windows 98 station.
I tried a TON of different drivers, be it PS, PCL5e, PCL6, whatever. Now
it's using the PS driver on both the server and workstation, and I have
deleted the other useless drivers from the Server Properties applet. I know
there are some kind of driver name restriction when using Win2k and Win98,
but the driver names are the same on both 2000 machines. I also use a
mapping (net use lpt1 \\secretgs\hp /persistent:yes) so that the server
redirect the printer to LPT1. Anyway, I'd greatly appreciate help, as I have
already spent a LOT of time googling for a fix.


Make this registry addition on the user's win2k
station, with her logged on to her workstation:


Use one of the newer Remote Desktop
Client versions:


No need for the net use trick anymore.

I have used the PCL6 & PCL 5e 1200 drivers with
success As far as the printer going offline, not sure
what is happening there, maybe a communication
problem between the win2k and win98 machines.



Stephane Gagnon

Thanks for the tips. I will not have any chance to test it before Tuesday or
Wednesday next week, so if anything else, I'll repost.

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