Re-Directed Printer Problems



Hi All,

I have a very strange problem with client sided printing on my Win2k
terminal servers. I have 4 servers in a load balanced group and the
problem happens on all 4 servers.

If I setup a users account to connect client printers at logon it works
fine, the user logs into the terminal server and can see their local
printer in the printers folder and they can print to it with no

The problem I have is when the user logs out of their local PC. When
they log back in again and then connect to one of the terminal servers
they have lost their client printer. If I then look in the event
viewer of the terminal server I see no 1111 or 1106 errors it's as if
the terminal server cannot see the client printer anymore.

If I then delete the users profile from their local PC and get them to
log back in again and then connect to a terminal server, everything is
working again, client printers are visible. If the user then logs out
of the terminal server but stays logged into their local PC and then
connects to a terminal server, still everything is ok client printers
are still visible.

It's only when the user logs out of their local PC and then logs back
in again that they have the problem. This only seems to effect NT4 and
Win2k PC's XP workstations are fine. Has anybody seen this problem


Sussed it!!

I had put a entry in our login script to poke a registry value as per
Q302361 into HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Terminal Server
the value was a Dword called FilterQueueType and the value should have
been FFFFFFFF. But after investigating further I found the value that
was actually been written to the registry was 00000000.

As soon as this key was deleted client sided printing started working

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