Client Default Printer Keeps Changing


Charlie Hill

Windows 2000 TS server sp4, also set up as the print
server as well.

A user connects to the terminal server using an Acute
Technologies T-5000 terminal client. Also, I have a user
connecting via the 5.1 RDP client from an old Windows 98
workstation. Neither user has a local printer installed.
A HP 8000 printer installed on the TS is supposed to be
their default printer. The HP printer will be selected,
then several days later the default printer will change to
a Zebra printer. Roaming profiles are not being used.

Why does the default printer keep changing?



I am having this same problem. The user sets her default printer to the
Laser and the next day, it's set to the deskjet. After reading a LOT of
info on here RE printing problems, I suspect your question has not received
an answer because the answer is easy to find with a little looking. I'm
doing a little looking now. When I find it, I'll repost.


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