Problems cloning/imageing my configuration with EWF Disk mode




my configuration is a 900MB partition C: (NTFS) on a 1GB CF. The remaining
space is for the EWF Disk mode. EWF in Disk mode is protecting partition C:.
The configuration runs well.
Now our customer wants a restore medium (prefers CD) from which he can
install the xpe himself out in the field.
We use drive image and easy restore to create restore cds normally. But from
the EWF disk mode configuration i tried to make image with drive image and
ghost, both failed, even when i make the xpe configuration where the ewf was
never active. Even 1:1 copying the cf is not working.
How can i make a image (prefered) or a 1:1 copy of the complete CF with my
xpe? Any solutions?

Sean Liming \(eMVP\)

The problem might be capturing the EWF partition. For Ghost, did you use
the -ir option? The -ir option should include the EWF volume in the image.


Sean Liming /
XP Embedded Book Author - XP Embedded Advanced, XP Embedded Supplemental

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