EWF RAM problem



I'm optimizing my image and my last step is adding ewf support because I
want to use the image with a DOM ide support and I would like to prevent
I'm first of all deploying the image with an HD of 2giga, then, after fba
finish I will copy all to my dom.
I'm suffering problems with ewf ram mode but I can't understand the reason:
1) XPE sp2 feature pack 2007
2)Conf. 2 Hd, first on sata with xppro and xpe studio, second hd 2g on ide
for runtime image
3)EWF configuration: Number of protected volume:1, Maximum number of overlay
levels:1, ewf partiton size:0, disable backg. defrag: yes, enable horm: yes,
start ewf enabled: yes, enable lazy write: yes, disk number:0, partition
number: 1 overlay type: ram, Optimal performance

After FBA finish I try to access ewf conf. by EWFMGR C: and I receive this
failed getting protected volume configuration with error 1:Incorrect Function.

The end of my FBA.Log is:

22:38:38 PM - [FBAFlushFilesToDisk] FlushFileBuffers(C:\) succeeded!
22:38:38 PM - [FBADoProperShutdown] Sleeping...
22:38:48 PM - [FBADoProperShutdown] Exiting process...
22:39:34 PM - ConfigureEwf() Start.
22:39:35 PM - Getting EWF config parameters from registry.
22:39:35 PM - Non El Torito disk configuration.
22:39:35 PM - EWF Partition Size = 0 (KBytes), Levels = 1, Volumes = 1.
22:39:35 PM - Protected Volume Config #0 :
22:39:35 PM - Disk= 0,Part= 1,Type= RAM.
22:39:35 PM - Enable= Enabled, Optimize= 0, LazyWrite= N.
22:39:35 PM - Found 2 Hard Disks.
22:39:35 PM - Disk #0 layout info:
22:39:35 PM - PRIMARY partition,start=0x0000000000007e00,
len=0x000000007d818200, type= 7
22:39:35 PM - Can't create EWF partition size = 0x000000000000fc00 on
disk# 0.
22:39:36 PM - Disk #1 layout info:
22:39:36 PM - PRIMARY partition,start=0x0000000000007e00,
len=0x000000027115f800, type= 7
22:39:36 PM - PRIMARY partition,start=0x0000000271167600,
len=0x000000249ed86400, type= 7
22:39:36 PM - PRIMARY partition,start=0x000000270feeda00,
len=0x0000002375bea800, type= 7
22:39:36 PM - Can't create EWF partition size = 0x000000000000fc00 on
disk# 1.
22:39:36 PM - Failed to create EWF partition.
22:39:36 PM - ConfigureEwf() End, status = 0x80070057.
22:39:37 PM - [CallEntryPointThread] C:\WINDOWS\system32\ewfdll.dll,
22:39:37 PM - [FBASetProgressText] Resetting Setup Flag...
22:39:58 PM - [FBADoProperShutdown] Sleeping...
22:40:09 PM - [FBADoProperShutdown] Rebooting system...

It seems that the FBA isn't able to create an ewf partition on my HD...why?
Any Help or suggestion?

Thank you


Thank you very much!
Problem solved! I left some space unallocated and now ewf works!



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