HD Image with EWF Filter



My configuration consits of XP Embedded with a c: NTFS partition of 899MB on
a 1GB CF. The rest of the CF is free for EWF.

Now XPe runs very well so i wanted to make a HD Image with Drive Image 7.0.
But this program sees no partition on the CF. The same with Partition magic
7.0. But under XP Pro the partition on the CF is seen properly.

My question is how can i get an HD image from this CF so that i can restore
my system on another CF. Is this possible.

I need an urgent solution to backup my XPe to CD.


M. Fernahl,

I am really surprised Partition Magic cannot see some partitions on your CF card, especially if you run it on the same XP Pro OS on
which you are checking the partition with Disk Manager.

Any chance you run the Partition Magic on your XPe image? Then that's where the troubles may appear.

Anyway, you can use Ghost to do the disk image copies and restorations.
Or you can use MS SDI tools (SDI Loader, SDI Manager, sdi2hd).

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