Disk mode of EWF


Wing Wu

Dear all,
Sorry, I has a problem about EWF. Everyone could give me some suggestion.
I built a XPE image with EWF(disk mode). I make FBA setup on a CF card.
After FBA, the xpe boot ok and the EWF function ok too.
But I ghost the CF by disk to image file(used Ghost2003), and ghost the
image file to the other same type CF card.
The EWF function fail. It could not get the protect volume(type ewfmgr c:).
If type ewfmgr, the EWF volume is exist.
Could it has other method to ensure the EWF(disk mode) work?? Except for
make FBA setup on CF every time for several CF card.

Thank you very much

R&D Div./Software Dept.- Wing Wu

Sean Liming \(eMVP\)

There are some Ghost option that needs to be used for the EWF Volume.
Someone posted these sometime ago.


Sean Liming
www.sjjmicro.com / www.seanliming.com
XP Embedded Book Author - XP Embedded Advanced, XP Embedded Supplemental


Hi Wing Wu

Maybe you can type the command "rundll32 ewfdll.dll ConfigureEwf" and
Hope it's helpful to you.


Wing Wu

Sorry, I could not find it from other posts.
Could give me the keynote is about it.
Thank you very much

Wing Wu

Dear Sean,

Thank you for your help. I set some ghost option and then it is ok.


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