update image on cf-card by usb stick




I`ve an application where the xpe image is located on an CF card. The
user should be able to get a new xpe image from e.g. your webserver,
updating the device.

Which steps do I have to do include to copy this new xpe image from an
usb mass storage device to the CF card? Is there a small programm
necessary which copies all the files from the usb stick to the cf
card? How is it possible to verfiy that the image will be my image not
an image from another application?

Are there any other steps to do if I use FAT32 on the CF-card instead
of NTFS?

best regards

praveen patil

You have to format the CF with FAT.
You need some file with the help of which you can boot from CF card.You have to get this file.
Once this is done you have to to copy files from usb to your flash.
It should work.

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