Printing from remote offices



I have a remote office that is in their own network. They
are not part of our central network. The remote office
computer 1 has a printer attached and can terminal into
our network and print locally(remotely). Computer 2 is
part of the remote office network, it terminal into our
main central network, but can't print to Computer1's
printer. How can I get that to work?

Workstations are W2k Professional, Server is Win 2K.

Matthew Harris [MVP]

By default, only the owner of the printer can print to
it. You'll need to give additional permission to Computer
1's local printer in the TS session.

An even better way to do it would be to install the
printer as a network printer or IP printer, then connect
both those remote computers to the printer share when they

Lastly, another solution might be for computer 2 to map
computer 1's printer, then logon to the terminal services
session. As long as Computer 2 is using the latest RDP
client available from the Microsoft website, then Computer
2 will be able to print to that printer (and the terminal
server will automatically redirect the printer in the
terminal services session).


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