Connecting HeadOffice (SBS 2000) to Remote Office



Hi Fellow members:

Need some help in setting up a persistent VPN connection between the
head office and our remote office: Configuration Overview:

Head Office:
- SBS 2000 with all apps (exchange, ISA, ..)
- Win2K based Terminal Server on internal network
- 2 NICs (External , Internals - 192.168.16.X)
- Several individual/ remote workstations successfully VPN into SBS
2000 to their workstations or to Terminal Server

Remote Office:
- Simple network
- ADSL (728K)
- Router (SMCBR14-18VPN)
- About 5PCs running WinXP Pro

Available Microsoft documentation describes setting up persistent VPN
connection between SBS 2k and Win 2k. Have not been able to find any
documentation/ help to setup a persistent VPN connection between SBS 2k
and a third party router. Consultant in remote office is having
problems. Any thoughts/ help will be appreciated.




Just uninstall ISA server from SBS server. configure your windows 2000
server as a VPN server. In sbs server, setup remote router from RRAS console,
define static route i.e. your remote network address, put user name &
password, set persistant connection & you are through. It is not possible
with ISA2000 server to achive this. If you want to do with ISA server you
have to install ISA 2004 at both ends.

"(e-mail address removed)"


Thanks Sanjay:

for your thoughts and time.

We are planning an upgrade from SBS 2000 to SBS 2003 and I assume it
comes with ISA 2004.
But the other (Remote End) would still be a third party router NOT a
Server. Any further thoughts?


Bill Grant

It gets tricky if the routers don't match. I would stick with ISA to ISA
or third-party to third-party.

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