Remote printing problem


Nancy Shelgren

I wrote last week and furnished you with incorrect
information. Rep offsite has Dell notebook running
Windows XP Professional with ONLY USB port for printing.
Has HP printer with ONLY USB connection capability. Has
wireless network at home; both printer and computer are
connected directly into wireless hub; under printer
properties, Ports tab, printer port is listed
as "IP_92.168.0.10" with description of "Standard TCP/IP
port". Still can't print when connected to our office
Windows Server 2000 terminal server. Reply to previous
question referred to a DOT4 port type, which is not the
case here (as the printer is not connected to the computer
but to the hub).

Vera Noest [MVP]

If the printer is not autocreated at all, then it's a driver
problem. Check the Eventlog on the TS to see the exact name of the
printer driver on the client, and map it to a native driver on the

239088 - Windows 2000 Terminal Services Server Logs Events 1111,
1105, and 1106

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