Due to Citrix sitting on top of Terminal services, I thought I would post
this here.

I just upgraded from windows 2000 with Citrix presentation server 3.0 to
windows 2003 with Citrix presentation server 4.0.
We have some of our users who rent space in an occupied building. These
employee's are not on the buildings domain. They have access to a printer on
there network and internet access.

Before the citrix upgrade, they had no problem printing locally or on
citrix. After the upgrade, they could print locally but could not print
through Citrix. It looked like the documents were spooling to the printer,
but it wouldn't print.
One thing I noticed is that he could ping the printer when he was printing
locally. When he was in citrix, he could not ping it. There tech guys said
that since we were on a seperate part of the network, we wouldn't be able to
ping. If you can't ping it, how could it communicate unless icmp is turned
off. Though, locally they could ping.

Or, is there something in presentation server 4.0 that needs to be
configured? Any ideas. Thanks.



They can't ping the printer from the Citrix Session because the Citrix
Servers are NOT on the same network as the printer, and the ICMP Echoes are
blocked by firewalls or routers. Neither Presentation Server nor Terminal
Server communicate with the client printers, but rather with the client
computer on which the printer is installed. This happens via the ICA
Protocol or RDP Protocol, depending on which client is being used.

Printing info:

There are several issues with printing in Presentation Server 4.0

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