How do I allow one user to bypass the Internet Explorere security settings which apply to all other



How do I allow one user to be excluded from the domain wide citrix
policy that controls the IE6 security settings?

I was thinking of creating a published app on the pass through server
for IE6 - rather than the locked down local one that the users run. Is
this plausible, and is there an easier way to do it?

The farm servers' O/S is Windows 2000 Server SP4
The Citrix version is Metaframe XPa Server, Version 1.0 (Build 1494)
and they run Service Pack 4.




You should place your Citrix Servers in their own OU, then apply GPO to that
OU with loopback policy processing enabled w/ replace option selected,
applied to authenticated users and deny apply policy for users you want

User accounts should NOT be in this OU.

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