Citrix Deployment of Access 2007 Front End

Jun 12, 2005
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An Access split data base with a front end (FE) and Back End (BE) is deployed on Citrix using MS 2003 Server.

The problem is that one Access FE is posted. Citrix is just giving everyone the same file to serve.

Ideally, a FE is posted to some shared drive. As each user loggs into Citrix, Citrix should copy the FE and provide each user with their own copy (and resources) for the FE. All the FE of course are linked tables to a BE Access database.

What happens when Citrix re-uses the same FE: The first person runs about as fast as if they ran the FE on their workstation - with the BE hosted on the Citrix server.
But, as more people log onto the Citrix FE application, things slow down more and more.
For example: three people on Citrix see a huge slowdown. At the same time, a networked workstation could run the same FE and the speed is the same as if they were a single user on Citrix.

Before Citrix, people use to send the FE to each workstation and link back to a shared network BE. But, the version control (and security) become an issue.

What I can't locate is a Citrix "how to" article to manage these instances.


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