error 282 at 2013 migration with access

Oct 2, 2014
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Trying to migrate by steps from XPpro/office2003 to 8pro/office 2013 pro.
My access application worked fine with FrontEnd on win8pro/office2003 running a little VBA versus a BackEnd on XPpro/office2003.
I installed office2013 on the win8pro FE, (the BE remained on XPpro/office2003).
Now when I run the FE it has a routine that should open a local word file, insert data from the BE, save to Word-file to the BE computer and attach the revised word file to a new outlook mail (basically opening files on FE and BE computers), then I receive an error 282, "DDE channel..."
The workaround is to open (on the FE computer) a new email and any other unrelated Word file from the BE computer and keep it maximized. Only then does the access work fine without the 282 error.
any thoughts what's bugging access 2013? :confused:
Many Thanks

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