Nt4 to W2K Migration Help



I have a small network here 50+ users, in a central
office and two brach offices with 5 clients in each
brach. Currently I have a NT4 server running on a
Pentium 3 1.5ghz / 256mb RAM acting as a File server and
Print server. I also have a badly intalled Windows 2000
server (by the previous guy) on a Dual Pentium 3 XEon
1.2ghz with 2 Gigabits of RAM, hosting our acounting
The project at hand is to Migrate the NT4 server to W2K.
And utilizing W2K Terminal Services to host the database
App. I have heard this is not recommended, but the it
would be convinient for the old workstations and brach
offices to access it this way.
What would be the best configuration, as to Parent and
Child Domains? Upgrade the NT4 (hardware and OS) and
make it a parent and making the Xeon a child hosting
terminal Services. Also adding a third mini server to act
as a terminal liscencing server? Or make the File/Print
Server the liscencing server?
Any suggestions will be great. Thanks.

Mark Mancini

NO!!! Put it all in 1 domain. You can put the database on your TS
box...which s/w are you using? Prosystems? No need for a 3rd server. I
would pump 2GB of ram in the old boxand maybe offload some data to that one.
I handle mostly accounting firms, so I'm familiar with what you want to do
but time is not on your side, you only have about 6 weeks to get it running
and your CPAs trained.

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