NT4 Migration: 2000 vs 2003?



I'm contemplating upgrading my NT4 domain to Active Directory. We are
a small company with 10 servers (mostly W2K member servers). Would
you advise migrating to W2K or W2K3 from the standpoint of ease of
migration of accounts and network services, compatibility with legacy
NT server/workstations, and functionality? Below is a list of my
applications and platforms in case that will help you advise me.
Thanks for your help.

-PDC + Backup Exec v8.6 (NT4)
-BDC (NT4)
-File/Print (W2K)
-Citrix MetaFrame 1.8 (W2K)
-Exchange 5.5 (W2K)
-MACs which have a file share on existing file/print server
-Various legacy apps running on NT4 workstations

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