NT4 to 2000 / 2003 Exch



Failed NT4


One single NT4 Domain controller running exchange 5.5 with 28 member PC’s
running XP
The customer has insisted that we retain the same domain due to violation of
support services with some critical clinical software that they own

Upgrade nt4 server to 2000
Install ad
Add 2003 dc
Install exchange 2003 to same domain and exchange site
Move mailboxes / connectors etc
Remove old 2000 DC

Actions so far:

I have therefore half rescued / upgraded the original NT4 domain controller
to windows 2000 and installed Active directory.
The AD wizard recommended mixed mode (even though there is only one DC)
which I found strange

This has now been installed and the server is running fine. However users
are unable to logon and I am unable to administer the domain via DSC.msc
I can however navigate to the migrated AD domain and all the users and
computers are there (I assume this is because the domain is in mixed mode)



Danny Sanders

AD totally relies on DNS. Have you set up a DNS server for the AD domain?

Basic AD DNS setup is install DNS (I would suggest you use the AD DC so you
can use AD integrated DNS) point the AD DNS server to itself in the
properties of TCP/IP for DNS. Point all AD clients to the DNS server setup
for the AD domain ONLY. For Internet access configure your AD DNS server to
forward requests and list your ISP's DNS server(s) as the forwarder (or use
root hints). This is the only place on the AD domain your ISP's DNS servers
should be listed. Listing your ISP's DNS servers on AD clients as the
preferred DNS server will cause a whole set of problems, listing your ISP's
DNS server on an AD client as alternate will cause another set of problems.

How To Install and Configure DNS Server in Windows Server 2003

Best Practices for DNS Client settings in Windows 2000 server and in Windows
Server 2003


How to configure DNS for Internet access in Windows Server 2003







Hi Jez,

A software could help you in your scenario. Ideal Migration could satisfy
and help you. Don't hesitate to go to http://pointdev.com/en/ideal-
migration/index.php , a complete FAQ is present. You can also contact the
Technical support at (e-mail address removed), they will answer you quicly
and precisely about your scenario.


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