Adding remote printer - HP Deskjet 6122 for Windows 2000



The remote Windows 2000 Professional computer is able to print to their HP Deskjet 6122. How do I get them to print to that printer when they are in Terminal Services. I have downloaded the drivers and put it in a shared network folder. But when I try to add that "Local Printer" via terminal services, it is not able to find the .inf file for that printer. What should I do. We have a Windows 2000 Server.


Have you tried mapping that driver to generic "HP DeskJet 550C", or a
"HPDeskJet 850C" from the win2k server cdrom?
You can use this for the mapping:
If you are not much of a registry wizzard, you can use to achive the same.

If the generic driver does not work, contact HP for a correct substitute
driver for the 6122. (e-mail address removed)

Some good printing references are:


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