Print jobs staying in queue




All the printers on this one server retain all the print jobs in their
queues. So whenever I restart the spool service or the server they all go
through their queues re-printing everything!

Im using Windows 2003 server and have HP lazerJet 2200 and 5100.

How do I get the printer to delete the print job when it is finished
printing? This is real bizaar behaviour, Ive never had it do this before. It
is a new print server...


Alan Morris\(MSFT\)

Uncheck Bidirectional in the Printer Properties, Ports tab. Pickup the
latest driver for the 5100, HP may have fixed this for this device. I
don't think they will address this issue on the 2200.

Alan Morris
Windows Printing Team
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Jack Kaupf

I have the EXACT same problem here. The HP2200D that we use for checks
keeps the spooled jobs on the workstation. I unchecked the
"BiDirectional support" and that fixed our problem. Thanks!

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