Jobs lock in queue after printer move.



We have a Xerox Workcentre Pro 35 connected via network to a Windows2000
server acting as our print server. About a month ago this printer was moved
to a new location in the same building. No changes were made to the
configuration on the server or on the printer. I am now getting comments from
users that printing has slowed on this particular machine.

I started monitoring the queue and noticed that occasionally a job will get
locked in the print queue (on the server, not on the xerox) and will take
several minutes before it finally goes through. It does not matter what the
document is. All jobs submitted after the locked job sit in the spooler. Once
the hung job goes through all the other jobs start going through normally.
Once they reach the printer's internal spooler the jobs spool normally.

I monitored the ports from our server, to our core switch, to our switch, to
our printer, and noticed no irregularities. We are using Cisco gear
exclusively and our CCNA configured them. So I'm thinking the problem has to
do with our print server or on the user machines.

Any suggestions on what I should try next?


Hey R,

I know this sounds silly but try replacing or updating the print driver.
New Driver publshed by Xerox cleaned this up for us. Especially if this is
the old NT 4.0 drivers which are pretty clugy when used on Windows 5.x.

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