Windows server print queue



My company had a large number of files queued up to print to a HP
Laserjet 4050dn printer.
The printer died before all print jobs were complete.
Unfortunately, 1 of the print jobs that was queued up cannot easily be
Is there any way to transfer the jobs to another printer?
I know the files are in c:\windows\system32\spool\printers on the
If we move those files to another computer that has a 4050dn, will
they print?
Or, better, is there anyway to print those files on a Lexmark?

Alan Morris [MSFT]

the first thing I would do is Enable keep printed jobs on this queue, pause
the print queue, then add a new Standard TCP/IP port to a compatible device.
The Lexmark may work.

Now pause all the print jobs, unpause the queue, and unpause a small job.

If the job prints fine unpause the others. If it is garbage find another HP
device on the network. The job you had previously printed did not get
deleted after printing so you can chose to restart this job.

Once you have all the printed documents you can delete them from the queue.

Alan Morris
Windows Printing Team
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