Print Queues not responding



We have a Win2000 print server with 125 print queues. At various times
different print queues will become un-responsive. It may show "Out-of-Paper"
status or just allow print jobs to look as if they printed, but the job never
prints. I can set up a TCP/IP que on my local workstation and print to the
printer, but the server still shows "Out-of-Paper". Sometimes this process
"wakes up" the server and then the print jobs will complete. Any ideas on why
the queues are becoming un-responsive? BTW - there are no error messages in
Event viewer.

Sleeping print queues in AL

Alan Morris [MSFT]

there was never a QFE released for Win2k.

the issue was fixed in Server 2003 SP1;en-us;835933

Delete any unused Standard TCP/IP ports on the server. The port monitor
queries all the ports for status. When a port is off the network the
monitor will wait the TCP timeout period before continuing to the next port
so this generally slows down the process if there are many ports no longer
in use. You should be fine with 125 devices.

Alan Morris
Windows Printing Team
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